Dr. Caitlin Thompson


Plenary Speaker:

Caitlin Thompson, Ph.D., is Vice President of Risk Management and Program Evaluation at the Cohen Veterans Network where she oversees clinics’ compliance with network-wide clinical practice guidelines to ensure that all clinics within the network meet the highest professional standards of care, empirical quality, and ethical service delivery. Prior to this position, Dr. Thompson was Executive Director of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Suicide Prevention, where she was responsible for the development of VA suicide prevention policy initiatives, education for Veterans and health care providers about suicide awareness and prevention, and dissemination and implementation of assessment and treatment strategies across the Veterans Health Administration. A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Thompson is recognized internationally as an authority on Veteran suicide prevention. Prior to her work in the VA Suicide Prevention Office, she spent five years as the clinical care coordinator for the Veterans/Military Crisis Line.

Dr. Thompson has a BA in music from Brown University and an MEd and PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia.

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